Corporations and Online Universities Are Changing the Career Game

In a world where change is the rule of the day, corporations and online universities are looking to make their impact felt in an ever-evolving career game. From learning to work smarter to getting ahead, these companies have found many ways to help their employees learn.

These corporate universities focus on talent and leadership development, delivering training that helps keep the organization competitive in an increasingly changing market. They do so through customized learning activities.


Every year millions of people choose a career path. They do it because they believe they have to pick something, but what if they’ve made the wrong choice?

To combat this, a new approach to career guidance is changing the way young people learn about their future jobs. It is using game-based learning to help students think about their options.

This is a more innovative and engaging method than traditional career guidance, because it turns career education into a collaborative project. It also encourages students to “think like a professional” and become self-determined.

To do this, the StiLLLearning project launched an online resource called the Idea Bank. It includes curated OERs (open educational resources) and 1-minute video clips on how to develop collaboration and teamwork skills, active learning, creativity and digital competence at work.

Trojan Art Day

Trojan Art Day is a one-of-a-kind event that brings hundreds of middle and high school students and their teachers to Troy University. The day features a series of workshops, demonstrations and mini-competitions led by students and faculty in the Department of Art and Design.

The event is held in conjunction with the District II Visual Arts Achievement Program (VAAP) awards ceremony and exhibition, and is partially funded by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. It’s a fun and exciting way to showcase student creativity while supporting the arts at Troy.

Professor of art Larry Percy, who led the day’s awe-inspiring activities, said that Trojan Art Day was a great way for students to get creative and have fun. He said that he enjoyed the experience of seeing a group of students interact with each other, and said that he hopes to see Trojan Art Day return next year. He was particularly impressed with the number of students who were willing to learn about the event, and the variety of art projects that they could take part in.

Sorrell College of Business

The Sorrell College of Business at Troy University is a great option for anyone looking to pursue a business degree online. This school offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, economics, finance, international business, and leadership.

The College’s 128th-best online graduate business degrees emphasize analysis, theory, and practice as they prepare students to compete in the global marketplace. Students are also taught ethical business principles, which can help them to become better leaders in their careers.

Sorrell College of Business offers a General Management MBA track to help graduates learn essential skills to build and lead organizations in today’s competitive environment. The program consists of 31 credit hours of courses, and it is designed to equip students with the analytical and technical knowledge needed to succeed in the business world.

Sorrell College of Business also provides opportunities for service learning, such as the annual Trojan Art Day, where art majors share their work with local high school students. The college also partners with medical professionals who deliver immunizations to local children.

Regent University

Founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, Regent University has been providing Christian students with an education that teaches them how to make a difference in the world. The college is a top-tier private university that instructs students from its suburban campus in Virginia Beach.

The college offers degrees in business, education, law, and more. The school also offers online programs on certain subjects.

Regent’s distance learning online programs are taught by the same professors that teach on campus, so you receive a quality education no matter where you study. U.S. News & World Report ranks Regent’s online bachelor’s degree program among the best in the nation.

The college also offers an American Legal Studies LLM (on campus or online), a master’s degree for professionals and graduates who seek advanced training in the law. It is designed to prepare students for the complexities of American law in a global context, with an emphasis on core principles and systems.

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