Deliver Quality Catering Facilities While Using Proper Gas Rings

  1. Proper Gas Ring Installation

Deliver Quality Catering Facilities While Using Proper Gas Rings

One of the most common problems a registered engineer is asked to address when visiting mobile units or tents is the presence of catering equipment with enclosed burners which do not have flame-failure protection, eg, flame-failure devices (FFDs). The Gas Appliances Regulations 2018, in force since 1 April 2018 requires that all new appliances must be fitted with such equipment.

It is important to note that some existing equipment will also require FFDs when it is being upgraded. In this case, engineers should discuss with the equipment owner/operators and plan for the installation of new equipment. This may include a risk assessment and classifying it in accordance with the current Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure, IGEM/G/11(4). This will ensure that all catering equipment is safe to use. If you would like more guidance on delivering quality catering facilities while maintaining the safety of your customers, please download our free guide.

  1. Proper Gas Ring Replacement

When delivering quality catering facilities, it’s important to use gas rings that are properly installed and maintained. If your gas rings are not worn out, they’ll help prevent excess gas from sneaking past them and into the buffer spring system. However, if the gas rings are not positioned correctly or have become mangled, it’s time to replace them. One way to test the condition of your rings is by removing the bolt carrier group (BCG) from the rifle and extending the bolt head. If the bolt head supports the weight of the BCG without collapsing under its own weight, you have gas rings that are working properly. If they collapse under their own weight, you have a problem that requires replacement.

To remove the rings, you will need to unscrew each ring and slide it out of its groove in the BCG. Once the ring is removed, you can clean the surface and wipe off any debris that may have built up on it.

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