Meaningful Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones Who Are Living Abroad

When it comes to gifts for your friends and loved ones who are moving abroad, you want something thoughtful that will bridge the gap of distance and time. Here are some great ideas for gifts that will make them smile and help them feel at home when they’re not in your arms.

  1. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are popular gifts because they fulfill a need for consumers on a regular basis. For example, grooming products like razors or shaving supplies are commonly delivered in subscription boxes.

Personalized calendars are another good gift idea, as they allow for important dates to be noted like birthdays or flights home. Other practical gift ideas include travel organizers and a reusable water bottle.

  1. Spotify

Having a subscription to a service like Spotify, Amazon Kindle Unlimited or Netflix is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones who live abroad. They can create a go-to playlist or enjoy their favorite books on the plane without lugging around physical copies that take up luggage space. The best part about Spotify is that it goes with them wherever they travel as long as they have data!

  1. Audible

An Audible subscription works like books-on-tape. It’s a great option for someone who loves to read or who wants a way to pass the time while driving, cooking, cleaning or working out.

There are also Audible Originals, which are audio productions that aren’t books in the traditional sense. Some examples include Sincerely, X, which features Ted Talks from anonymous individuals and West Cork, an investigative podcast on a murder case in 1996 Ireland.

  1. Personalized Gifts

If you’re looking to put a little more thought into your gifts this year, personalized presents are a great option. From prints to reusable utensils, you can add their monogram, handwriting, photos and more to make the gift one of a kind.

For example, turn an important date into a 500-piece puzzle or give them this birthday flower growing kit based on their birth month.

  1. Photo Books

A photo book is a great way for your friend to share their memories with family and friends. They can also be an excellent way to avoid overpacking!

There are a variety of photo book styles with different page layouts to help tell the story. Pick a style that reflects their interests or their previous home country. They’ll love the final product!

  1. Jewelry

One of the best things you can buy your friends and family who live abroad is a set of reusable straws and cutlery! These lightweight items can help them avoid overpacking when they travel.

Jewelry is an excellent gift option because it looks good on all body types and skin tones. It also makes a great present for almost any occasion.

  1. Local Produce

Local food is a great gift for your loved ones who are living abroad. This is because foods that are grown or made locally taste better. The reason is that the foods have less time between them and the consumer, so they tend to retain more nutrients.

This is especially true for CSA boxes, which contain veggies and fruits like romanesco, celeriac, and pattypan squash that are hard to find in stores.

  1. Meals

A food-based gift can be a fun and tasty way to show your love ones who are living abroad that you’re thinking of them. It’s especially meaningful when they can’t buy certain foods in their new home like Hershey Kisses or Cheez-Its. A set of reusable straws and cutlery is another great option. They’ll be appreciated by your friends and family who are trying to be more eco-friendly.

  1. Wine or Liquor

Whether your loved one is a wine expert or is just starting out, they’ll appreciate a nice bottle of wine. But make sure you know the difference between wine and liquor before buying!

The main difference is that wines do not undergo distillation, whereas liquor does. A few examples of liquor include rum, vodka, whiskey and gin. Also, don’t confuse wine-based liquors like fortified and aromatized wines with spirits!

  1. Experiences

Most expats move abroad to travel and experience a new culture. Gifting them an experience is a great way to show that you are thinking about them and they can also enjoy it when they are feeling homesick.

Various websites like Buy a Gift in the UK and Tinggly offer experiences that range from afternoon tea to stadium tours. Other examples include culinary classes, spa days and active adventures.

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