6 Notable Advantages of Working With a Personal Trainer and How to Find the Support You Need

Maintaining a successful personal training business takes time and intentional actions. From building a solid website to creating email lists, the key to success is being clear with your objectives and laying out a plan to achieve them.

Finding a trainer that makes you feel comfortable and confident is vital. This will help keep you motivated and focused as you move towards your fitness goals.

1. They’ll Keep You On Track

Personal trainers are experts on motivation and behavior change. They help clients set SMART goals and keep them on track. They also know how to help them when they hit a wall. They’ll keep them motivated by reminding them why they started and adjusting their plan accordingly. They can even help them find community based support.

A trainer can give you the undivided attention that many people don’t get in gyms or group fitness settings. They can also provide you with a workout that’s designed for your specific goals and needs. For example, if you want to build muscle, they know how to target all of the muscles in your body and what workouts to do to achieve that. They can also adjust the intensity and pound load when you plateau. They can make you feel confident and excited about reaching your goal, which is a great way to stay on track.

2. They’ll Keep You Motivated

As a personal trainer, you’ll work with your clients to set attainable goals and create a schedule that works for them. You’ll also help them to get on track with a consistent exercise routine, ensuring that they stick with the program and stay motivated.

Keeping your clients motivated is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is by encouraging them to celebrate each success they have along the way. This can be done by using positive reinforcement to encourage healthy habits, such as rewarding them for completing workouts and following their fitness plan with items like smoothie bar vouchers, free training sessions, or gym gear.

Another great way to keep your clients motivated is by posting motivational content on social media. This can include videos or reels of client progress, inspiring quotes, and more. This kind of content is a great way to show your clients that they can achieve their goals, and will keep them coming back for more!

3. They’ll Give You the Tools You Need

A personal trainer isn’t just a coach who motivates and pushes you — they can also provide the necessary tools to succeed. A great example is the way in which they can optimize your workout plan to fit your unique needs and capabilities. Whether you want to run a faster 5k, lift more weight, or simply lose weight, your PT can help you reach those goals by creating a training schedule that maximizes each session.

Similarly, when it comes to nutrition and meal planning, your trainer can give you the information, guidance, and support you need to reach your fitness goals. For example, some PTs provide nutritional and meal planning tools to their clients such as calorie tracking, recipe databases, grocery lists, and personalized meal plans.

When choosing a personal trainer, consider their personality and demeanor as well as their fitness knowledge and experience. Also, pay attention to how they communicate with you. If you feel like they’re giving you the runaround or aren’t responsive to your questions, move on.

4. They’ll Be There for You

A personal trainer acts like a supportive accountability partner who checks in with you on a regular basis, cheers you on during challenging reps, helps you level up when you’re ready to take it up a notch, and troubleshoots when your workout routine hits an obstacle. This is especially important if you’re unsure of your motivation and struggle to show up to the gym on your own, especially during busy times when it can be hard to find equipment or parking spots.

Ask potential trainers about their background and what they do to support clients in meeting their goals. Look for a trainer who is always learning new techniques, takes the time to understand their clients’ medical history and challenges, and provides individualized assistance to keep them motivated. Make sure you know their refund policy in case you’re not happy with their services. Also, be wary of trainers who lean on body-shaming and don’t seem to care when their client is struggling.

5. They’ll Help You Stay Healthy

Trainers know how to incorporate rest and recovery techniques into workouts to prevent overuse injuries. They can also provide cross-training to allow your muscles to work in different ways, helping you avoid boredom that can lead to burnout and lack of motivation.

When choosing a personal trainer, you want someone who will be committed to your goals and health. A revolving door of clients isn’t a good sign, so consider how long the trainer has been in business before you make a decision.

Also, be wary of a trainer who uses body-shaming for motivational tactics or who focuses solely on physical exercise. Getting healthy requires more than just hitting the gym; you must eat right as well. Your trainer will help you set realistic goals and see them through. They’ll also ensure you’re using your muscles correctly so they build as efficiently as possible.

6. They’ll Make You Feel Better

Trainers help their clients get to know themselves better. They provide a safe environment in which to discuss struggles and concerns that might be impacting motivation and performance. They are also there to celebrate accomplishments and be a supportive cheerleader, which helps keep the momentum going.

During workouts, trainers offer expert direction and feedback. They make sure their customers are executing exercises correctly and safely, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, they optimize time efficiency by limiting rest periods, ensuring each workout is within their allotted time frame.

They can also introduce variety into the routine to avoid exercise boredom. For example, if they feel that their client is stuck in a plateau, they can try different exercise variations or even switch up the location of training to keep things fresh and interesting.

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