Revamp Your Ride With Complete Front End Rebuild Kits

Front end rebuild kits are a great way to refresh your classic car suspension. Replacing loose front upper and lower ball joints will tighten steering and reduce uneven tire wear. Moog Problem Solver parts have premium features like induction hardened full ball studs and grease permeable gusher bearings to last longer and improve performance.

Moog Ball Joints & Tie Rod Ends

Moog front upper and lower ball joints tighten steering, hold wheel alignment, and are made to last 5X longer than standard OE replacements. They’re also easy to install, making them a smart upgrade for any front end rebuild project.

Tie rod ends are connected to the spindle on which your front wheels sit at one end, and to the steering mechanism that turns them left and right, as well as up and down. Moog tie rod ends are the best on the market and they come with a grease zerk so you can keep your front suspension in great condition for a long time.

Backed by superior materials and rigorous testing, Moog Problem Solver outer tie rod ends are engineered to perform. They have threaded and pin-locked covers to prevent leaking, and Belleville spring-steel washers to preload the internal bearing for optimal ball-to-bearing clearance. These premium front suspension parts are the preferred choice of professional technicians and NASCAR crew chiefs alike.

When you purchase a Moog front suspension kit, you can easily add any other front end components that you need at a discounted add-on price. These kits include everything you need for a complete front end overhaul, including pitman arms and idler arms where necessary. With a little bit of work, you can transform your classic car with a new set of suspension and steering components that will make it look great and drive even better.

Moog Problem Solver Parts

Moog’s Problem Solver parts are a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension. These products are made from high-quality materials and are engineered to improve the handling of your car. Plus, they’re backed by a warranty so you can be sure they’ll last.

Whether you need a replacement ball joint, outer tie rod end, or sway bar link, Moog has the parts you need to keep your car driving smoothly. Their engineering team takes a look at original components that need improvement and then engineers solutions to those problems. This can be as simple as making the part greaseable to help with maintenance or as in-depth as replacing plastic components with durable metal. Either way, Moog Problem Solver parts have been shown to last up to five times longer than the original components they replace.

In 1919 brothers Alva and Hubert Prater started their company distributing automotive leaf springs. By the 1930s, their business had pivoted to manufacturing higher-quality front-end replacement parts, and the company earned a solid reputation as The Problem Solver. Moog’s Problem Solver legacy continues today with a focus on providing steering and suspension parts that technicians can trust.

When choosing Moog parts for your car, you’ll often see them designated with R Series or CK. R Series parts are a value-driven OE replacement while the CK line incorporates Problem Solver components for a premium upgrade. If you have questions about which one is right for your car, feel free to contact our expert support staff at DST.


Since its inception, OPGI has been committed to providing the highest quality restoration parts and accessories available for classic GM cars. They specialize in providing all the parts needed to completely restore or refurbish your car, including interior and exterior components, engine parts, sheet metal and bright trim pieces. Their goal is to provide outstanding service and offer the finest reproduction parts available for your classic Chevelle or El Camino project.

In addition to supplying the best restoration parts, OPGI has expanded their line to include high-performance parts from companies like Holley, Edelbrock and COMP Cams. This enables them to give you the look and feel of a true racecar, no matter what model you are working on.

Recently, OPGI has met the needs of Cadillac enthusiasts by introducing a complete product line for 1954-76 Cadillac models. They have also added Buick Riviera and Grand National products to their ever-expanding lineup of restoration and high-performance parts. You can check out the huge selection of parts and accessories offered by OPGI online or if you live close enough, pay them a visit to see what they have in stock.

Kanter Auto Products

Getting your vintage car back on the road can be a lot of fun. But, it can also be a big project. When you begin revamping your ride, it is important to get the basics done first. This means removing all the unnecessary parts and giving the naked car a thorough cleaning. This will prepare it for the heavy mechanical work to come. Once you’re ready to start the process, it is time to order replacement classic car parts from Kanter Auto Products.

In business for 60 years, Kanter is a leading supplier of replacement mechanical auto parts for antique cars from 1920 to 1986. They have an extensive inventory of rare and hard-to-find parts in their 170,000 square foot warehouse. In addition to the usual makes and models, Kanter has a large selection of rare one year or short run parts as well.

Although they may have a few customer complaints, most online reviews give Kanter five-star ratings for the variety of spare classic car parts and fast delivery times. These are great reasons to make them your new go-to for antique car parts.

Whether you want to restore your own classic car or just admire them, there’s no doubt that they are a beautiful sight to behold. With the right care and attention, these old-timers can be the pride and joy of any garage.

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