Real Estate Marketing Ideas

While digital advertising is a powerful tool for marketing real estate properties, you should be more creative and add offline marketing tactics to your arsenal. This means sending out newsletters, ebooks, and other content to clients based on their past actions. It is also important to keep in touch with your clients, and follow up with them after a transaction or after they move. There are many real estate marketing ideas you can implement to improve your business and reach a larger audience at a lower cost.

Create relationships with local businesses. For example, if you sell placemats in a neighborhood, you can sell them to prospective clients. Partnering with moving companies for referrals is another great idea. Regardless of industry, email marketing is an excellent tool for any real estate business at any stage of the funnel. Once you’ve created a list of prospects, you can build a list of contacts and start sending out emails to your subscribers.

Attend community events. Attending community events allows you to connect with your clients and gain their attention. You can also create a deeper connection with your community members by attending events that are authentic to your interests. Even better, you can invite potential clients to join you. These ideas are only the beginning. With a little planning and strategy, you can increase your exposure and build a stronger reputation in the community. Then, you’ll be well on your way to generating more business.

Social media can help you promote your content. You can even create content right on the platform by hosting live video sessions on Facebook. Search engine optimization is essential, but you may find it daunting. Even simple best practices can help drive traffic to your website. Add a blog to your site to create content about your area, take reporters out to lunch, write press releases, and even walk customers out of your store. In any case, it’s essential to follow up with these marketing methods.

Consider newsletter marketing. It’s a proven lead generation strategy, and is the perfect way to stay top-of-mind among prospective clients. Newsletters are designed to provide informative, forward-worthy content that keeps your brand on top of the mind. Make sure your newsletter has a catchy headline and an obvious call to action. Send out a newsletter weekly or monthly, depending on the timing and type of content. Other real estate marketing ideas include holiday-themed content, seasonal content, and recipes.

Social media can also be a powerful tool for real estate marketing. Facebook groups, for instance, have been a great way to build engagement with prospects. The real estate industry has also discovered Facebook pages that target niche markets. For example, one page may focus on “Goth Houses” while another might focus on “black houses.” A page focused on a certain type of house might attract black homeowners. By targeting these audiences, you can maximize your reach and attract potential buyers to your home.

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