How Much Does Weather Impact Sports Betting?

Weather doesn’t impact sports much, right? Especially when it comes to betting on sports. Wrong, nothing could be further from the truth. Although indoor stadiums do reduce how likely bad weather is to postpone an event, climate still has an enormous impact on how well teams perform. As such, weather should be amongst the first things that bettors check.

Weather can, without question, make an enormous difference in how teams perform. Especially if the athletes have been training in warm weather, only to have to play in cold weather.

Let’s take a closer look and get a better understanding of why climate is such a big deal in the world of sports betting.

The Home Team Advantage

The home team advantage refers to the fact that a team plays better when they are on home ground. But it isn’t just because the team will have much stronger support from the crowd. It is also because the team is intimately familiar with the stadium and the local weather conditions.

A visiting team, first and foremost, will have to try and adapt to the local weather. But what if, in a twist of fate, there is unusual weather on the day of the match? What if the weather more closely resembles conditions that the visiting team are used to?

How Climate Impacts Performance

Anyone that has tried to go for a run in the cold knows how much weather matters. Low temperatures vastly reduce how well muscles perform, increase the chances of cramps, sap stamina and kill morale. Take a professional team of athletes, put them in cold conditions, and watch their performance plummet.

On the opposite end of the spectrum extremely warm weather is just as challenging. Overheated bodies sweat profusely, energy levels dwindle fast, and heat stroke becomes a possibility. Be it too cold or too hot, athletes are forced to quickly try and adapt.

Advantage Or Disadvantage

Of course, if a team is used to a specific climate they are more easily able to adapt. For example, if a cricket team has only ever trained in dry, hot conditions they are less likely to find a heatwave overwhelming. But what about a team that has only ever trained in cool, wet conditions? Yes, a heatwave is going to be devastating.

It quickly becomes clear just how important weather is in the world of sports betting. It is for this reason that the best sports betting pros don’t just check the latest MLB picks, they also do a thorough investigation of weather conditions.


Weather is perhaps the most underappreciated factor in sports betting. There are, of course, many other factors that should be taken into account, but the impact of climate should certainly not be overlooked.

If anything, a smart bettor will check recent team performance, investigate any relevant player injuries, and then pay attention to weather conditions. If important weather factors are involved, these factors should also be taken into account with other relevant information. Only then will smart bettors feel comfortable making a wager.

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